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Search Services

If you know me at all you know that I am extremely community-centric and I will drop everything to help whenever I can and use the skills I have developed over my career life in the fire service, wildfire management, PIO, ICS, and emergency management services to help. I have been offering the drone services of Fireground Drone Works & 3D for free to find lost animals and people as well as the search and recovery for Willa in Tonto Basin, AZ.
Since the Willa Rawlings search late last year I decided to start a division of my drone business in the direction of Search and Rescue / Recovery. This will be a no-fee / crowdsource donation service unless there is a direct funding source like a government resource order.
Needless to say, funding this at the time was a huge financial stretch, but I know the long-term benefits will pay huge dividends.
If we help just one person, family, or organization it will be worth it!
Many have asked for a monthly support option instead of when it’s an emergency so we have set up a Patreon page.
I’m setting up some member perks down the road.
If you want to support us with equipment here is a needs list. Drone batteries are a perishable item and they expire after so many uses and we use the often just for the search drones.