Inspection and Insurance Services with our Drones

As a building or insurance inspector, you can use drones to inspect sites and infrastructure more efficiently and in a safer manner.

Building inspectors: Use drones to identify issues on roofs, building exteriors, and elevated towers without the need to spend hours walking or climbing a site. Collect better data, save valuable man hours, and reduce the need to send contractors into unsafe conditions.

Insurance inspectors: Use drone data as a way to streamline inspection claims by quickly and comprehensively assessing damage to property, homes, and commercial real estate.

Agriculture insurance: In the case of agricultural insurance, gather a complete picture of an entire field so that you can make the most accurate damage assessment.


What role do drones play in the commercial inspection industry?

  • Improve safety: Perform remote inspections to identify problem areas that need further attention. Reduce the amount of time crews spend on roofs, elevated towers, and other dangerous areas.
  • Thermal imaging: Gather accurate thermal imagery to identify structural issues and remotely identify problem areas.
  • Enable complex simulations: Drone-generated 3D models aid with forensic inspections by providing a cost-effective way to reconstruct incidents.