We get up close and personal to your rooftops, towers, construction sites, pipelines etc. Without you having to hire a crane, helicopter and putting people in harms way when you can get the same results or better with a drone in high definition.

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Land and AG Surveys

As one ag industry expert put it, using a drone on the farm is like being able to see your field from a 10,000-foot altitude, but also being able to zoom in to two inches above the plants. Growers are increasingly discovering that drone mapping is an invaluable tool, both for its ease of use, and for its many applications on the farm.

Drone Deploy

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Insurance Claims

Drones save time and money – multiple surveys can be conducted in one flight, imagery is available in real-time, surveys can be conducted with one operator, no safety set up is needed, no ladders, information can be shared instantly. Need we go on?

Drone visuals are very effective if you have received storm damage and mass erosion or roof damage.

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We love what we do and we love our community. I have a lot of time and money invested in this enterprise. There are quite a few people locally who have gone to Wally World, Best Buy or Amazon and bought a toy drone pulled it out of the box and now they are “pro’s” and will take pictures for you for “cheap”! I’m not concerned about them. I’m more concerned about you! Because as soon as “what’s his face” crashes his toy drone into the BMW across the street or flies through the window of your show home or causes severe injury to somebody. That liability isn’t coming back to him it’s falling all on you!

I am an FAA “Part 107” certified remote sUAS pilot. That means I can legally operate drones commercially in the United States. I won’t take every job. I will assess the needs of the client and do a thorough risk assessment. Some jobs will need some approvals from neighbors and local and federal agencies and that I will take care of. Some are fast and well, you know the government. I share the same airspace with other aircraft and I need to do the notifications an let them know we will be operating in a certain area.