Show Low Pines: A Geologist’s Dream! 2.16 Acres Off-Grid and Easy Road Access

This is a 2.16 acre parcel of land in Northern Arizona, 17 miles outside of Show Low, AZ. The property features beautiful East-facing views, as well as easy road access. Although it is in an “Off Grid” area, it is … Read More

Property Preview Option (Remote Viewing)

Occasionally we will conduct a really short flight over a property that a prospective buyer wants to see before they commit to buying. We will group this in with other Concho missions to save the customer some money. There’s no … Read More

What are your Liabilities of Hiring an Unlicensed Drone Pilot?

A Licensed Drone Pilot, do they really give a license to pilot a drone? The truth is a drone is not a toy. While it might share some similarities with that little helicopter your child flies in the backyard, it … Read More

Inspection and Insurance Services with our Drones

As a building or insurance inspector, you can use drones to inspect sites and infrastructure more efficiently and in a safer manner. Building inspectors: Use drones to identify issues on roofs, building exteriors, and elevated towers without the need to spend … Read More

How can construction companies apply drones to their operations?

The construction industry is complex. Construction pros need technology that won’t add to the complexity of a project, but instead help to simplify it. Drone maps and models are a cost-effective, user-friendly way to help achieve this goal. Speed is … Read More

Drone Video: Fall Colors by Drone in Arizona’s White Mountains

This video was shot in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest near Big Lake. It was a windy day out in the forest, but that deters us from flying and taking awesome pictures.

How does the agriculture industry apply drones to everyday workflows?

In agriculture, it’s all about understanding what’s happening in the field, in order to increase yield and improve efficiency. Mapping by drone gives growers and agronomists detailed insights about crops that would not be noticeable on foot or by traditional … Read More

Drone Video: This semi side swiped the guardrail and sliced its fuel tank open

  Video: This semi side swiped the guardrail and sliced its fuel tank open thusly started a Wildland fire that was 250 yards long. Fire was on both sides of Hwy 60 south of Show Low, Arizona near Forestdale. When … Read More