Flying drone and lavender field, golden sunset

Our Approach

After being in public service for most of my adult career, I nevertheless want to carry over the same values of “Bringing Value” to my community. Over 30 years in the fire service, emergency management, disaster recovery and search and rescue I intend to bring these disciplines to this drone service in a powerful “out of the box” way.

I am also an accomplished photographer, social media and media relations professional and multiple business owner including the digital signage company Active Digital TV makes me uniquely qualified in this niche industry.

I am an FAA Part 107 licensed Remote Drone Pilot with over 50 hours of intensive ground school preparation. My certificate is always available upon asking.

One of the most valuable qualifications I have is common sense!

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If you watch me on social media you will know that I am an accomplished outdoor photographer / videographer that has been published internationally and featured on many national and international news outlets.

I am a steady contributor to many local TV news outlets in the Phoenix market and occasionally a select few national outlets will request media.